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Dealing with the Weight of Expectation

As long as I can remember I was chubby. Never sporty or athletic; in fact terrified of PE in high school which, coupled with poor self esteem continued on well into my twenties. At 19 I moved half way across the world alone and started working full time. By the ripe old age of 25 I spent most of my mornings crying as I dug through my wardrobe trying to find something that looked good on me in time to start work.

Ironically, looking back now, even though I didn’t love my reflection I was also living in a blissfully naive body image bubble and on reflection this was probably the time I was most satisfied with my body image. I knew I needed to lose weight but I didn’t really care enough to commit to actually doing it.

Then one fateful evening that all changed. For some reason as I was cooking dinner a popular weight loss TV show was airing and it grabbed my attention. I felt a sudden surge of motivation to actually lose weight. It was like a light switch flipped and this was now a non negotiable. I was excited, driven and couldn’t wait another second to get started!

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