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An eight week workout program designed to introduce beginners to bodyweight training, improve strength and continue your journey into the world of calisthenics!

Continue your journey to mastering the fundamental calisthenics skills (push up, pull up, tricep dip, L sit and squat and handstands), as well as training your body to move more functionally and gain strength.

4 home based workouts per week including 3 full body workouts and 1 core circuit each week (workouts change every fortnight).

Includes 14 pages covering principles of exercise and nutrition, progress tracking and motivation.

Required equipment: Pull up bar (door mounted is perfect, a pair of light dumbbells/tin cans and a chair or step.

Strength pre-requistie recommendations: To start this program you should be able to perform a low incline push up/negative push up, handstand against the wall and hold yourself at the top of a pull up bar for 3-5 seconds.


Note: No refunds are available on this product so please be sure you are ready to purchase.

Bodyweight Intermediate Program

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