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I am a UK based qualified personal trainer and lover of all things movement, adventure and travel related!

Movement to me is not simply just working towards your goals. I believe it is important to provide education about the principles of fitness, nutrition and mindset and working together to cultivate a balanced and healthy relationship with your body, training and mindset.

My huge passion for women's health has come from my own experience. Four years ago I was 30 kgs heavier, had never dared set foot in a gym and couldn't run 100 metres. I have experienced all the challenges that come with a weight loss journey and therefore strive not only be your trainer, but your motivator, support network and proof that it can be done, so together we will achieve your goals. After all, if I can do it, so can you!

For more information about my journey click here.

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hey, I'm Lucy

what i do

Alongside running my online personal training business I am a content creator on a mission to inspire others just like me to get outdoors and believe that they can experience everything the world has to offer no matter their age, background or experience.

As someone who hadn't put hiking boots or climbing shoes on until their late twenties, I know how daunting it can be to know where to start. For this reason I want to make outdoor activities as accessible and exciting as possible to people who just like I was, would like to get involved and learn something new and exciting!

Across multiple platforms, I aim to share my passion for learning new skills, movement and living life to the fullest by actually getting out there and doing it myself, encouraging others that you truly can do anything you want!

my ethos

passionate about making health and fitness accessible to women regardless of their experience or background. I particularly have a love for calisthenics and outdoor fitness


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